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The project on IVA’s 100 list and recognised by Linköping University


“White goods based functional services” is one of seven selected projects from Linköping University. The news is published here.

“One of the selected research projects is “White goods-based functional services for housing companies”, which Erik Sundin, assistant professor at the Department of Economic and Industrial Development at Linköping University, is behind.

– It involves white goods manufacturers selling their products through services. Instead of buying a product, such as a refrigerator, you rent it for a certain period of time. Then you can replace it when your needs change. It becomes resource efficient,” says Erik Sundin.

He is pleased that the research project is being recognised.
– Being on the list is a confirmation that what we are doing is good in terms of sustainability and that there are companies that see a business benefit in the near future by participating in the research project, says Erik Sundin.”