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Electrolux launches “Appliances-as-a-Service”.

In the project “Appliances-based functional services for housing companies”, Electrolux has conducted test pilots together with the housing companies SKB…

SKB tests white goods as a service

The cooperative housing company SKB explains more about the values it wants to achieve in the project for residents. “For…

International application of the project

Electrolux launches “Appliances-as-a-Service” on the international market. The first deal in the Swedish market is now being followed up with…

Impact of the Internet of Things on functional sales, Student project

“The impact of the Internet of Things on functional sales of white goods.” Lilliehöök, Lohm & Lindegren (2020), Bachelor thesis,…

Distribution solution for white goods service, Student project

“Distribution solution for white goods service.” Nordvall (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU. English title: “Distribution solution for a white good service.”…

Resource consumption of white goods, Student project

“Resource consumption in white goods: A study of how the transition from conventional sales to functional sales of white goods…

Value analysis of functional sales of white goods, Student project

“Value analysis of functional sales of white goods”, Angel & Gustavsson (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU. Linköping University has together with…

Communication pathway during repair, Student project

“Kommunikationens färdväg vid réparation : En undersøkelse om felanmälan av vitvaror i hyresrätter”, Josefsson & Samuelsson (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU….

HBV-Magasinet highlights the project

HBV-Magasinet lyfter upp projektet The public housing purchasing organisation  HBV in  HBV-Magasinet about sustainable projects.

Project included in IVA 100 list 2020: “From knowledge to sustainable competitiveness”

IVA lists a selection of current research projects with the potential to create benefits in the foreseeable future, for example…

Vinnovainspirationsartikel (2)
Vinnova publishes an inspirational article on the project

“- We want to test in real-life conditions to learn as quickly as possible. The goal is to show how…

The project on IVA’s 100 list and recognised by Linköping University

“White goods based functional services” is one of seven selected projects from Linköping University. The news is published here. “One…