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27 Sep: Electrolux launches “Appliances-as-a-Service”.

In the project “Appliances-based functional services for housing companies”, Electrolux has conducted test pilots together with the housing companies SKB…

27 Sep: SKB tests white goods as a service

The cooperative housing company SKB explains more about the values it wants to achieve in the project for residents. “For…

27 Sep: International application of the project

Electrolux launches “Appliances-as-a-Service” on the international market. The first deal in the Swedish market is now being followed up with…

27 Sep: Impact of the Internet of Things on functional sales, Student project

“The impact of the Internet of Things on functional sales of white goods.” Lilliehöök, Lohm & Lindegren (2020), Bachelor thesis,…

27 Sep: Distribution solution for white goods service, Student project

“Distribution solution for white goods service.” Nordvall (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU. English title: “Distribution solution for a white good service.”…

27 Sep: Resource consumption of white goods, Student project

“Resource consumption in white goods: A study of how the transition from conventional sales to functional sales of white goods…

27 Sep: Value analysis of functional sales of white goods, Student project

“Value analysis of functional sales of white goods”, Angel & Gustavsson (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU. Linköping University has together with…

27 Sep: Communication pathway during repair, Student project

“Kommunikationens färdväg vid réparation : En undersøkelse om felanmälan av vitvaror i hyresrätter”, Josefsson & Samuelsson (2019), Bachelor thesis, LiU….